5 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth!

Hair growth of a person depends on a lot of thing – like heredity, hormones, lifestyle, etc. But trying to get your hair grow naturally lustrous isn’t all that difficult. Here are some tips to encourage healthy hair growth.

— Oil
As inconvenient as it might be, oils like coconut and castor oil are excellent for hair growth. The chances of your hair growing out to be strong and luscious after a few weeks of regular oiling are 100% more likely.

— Check your products
Use shampoos and conditioners regularly but keep in mind to use the ones without sulphates. Sulphates strip away oil from the hair taking away its natural nutrients.

— Massage
Not just oiling, but oiling with scalp massage is a must. Like the rest of body muscle, the blood in your scalp needs a little push and massaging helps better the blood circulation.

— Hair masks
Weekly hair masks are a must! DIY hair masks can be made of a lot of natural ingredients, which in turn provides hair with abundance of nutrients.

— Regulate hair wash
This is one of those times where less is definitely more and moderation is good for you. Washing hair everyday or every 2 days makes them dull and brittle. Keep a regular pattern of once a week or thrice in a month.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)

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