5 top K-Dramas to binge watch on Netflix!

If you think you have watched everything Netflix has to offer? Reconsider. In case you’ve not started the expedition of exploring K-Drama, you’re passing up some heart-halting, tragic dramatization. The Korean wave is authoritatively digging in for the long haul we’re loving their skincare routines, tuning in to their music, and viewing their films now like never before so there’s no better an ideal opportunity to get snared on their TV contributions. Here are 5 K-Drama to watch on Netflix that you can’t skip:

It’s okay to not be okay

Well known youngsters’ book writer Ko Moon Young meets Moon Gang Tae, a guardian at a psychiatric ward, when she goes to his medical clinic to read to kids. Gang Tae’s sibling, Sang Tae, is medically introverted and a huge fan of Moon Young, who is known to be cranky and troublesome because of her antisocial personality disorder. This show is sure to win your hearts.

Hospital Playlist

Attracting correlations with Gray’s Anatomy and Friends, Hospital Playlist follows five doctors who are companions since clinical school as they explore life and death at Yulje Medical Center. The show was one of the highest rated show of 2020 with it’s next season expected in 2021, giving you a lot of time to get up to speed.

Something in the rain

Yoon Jin-ah is a 35-year-old woman, while Seo Joon-hee is the 20-something younger sibling of Jin-ah’s closest friend Kyung-Sun. Jin-ah, who used to consider him to be only a child, however now, as something else. The two explore their relationship and age distinction, which is dependent upon the judgment and disdain of others.


Goblin is seemingly South Korea’s greatest fantasy dramatization regarding effect and reach. The show won new K-drama fans as well as impacted style patterns and a few parodies from everywhere.

Itaewon Class

The miniseries released this year saw Park Seo-joon’s lead depiction additionally won recognition in this special longshot revenge story. His character Park Sae-ro-yi is a rousing good example that offers some idealism to watchers to battle all chances and live their fantasies.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma) 


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