5 Ways to style your scarf!

Scarves as an accessory can be super versatile and east to style. Regardless of the season or weather, scarves always look dapper when styled right. So, let’s check out five easy ways to style a scarf!

Single side bow
Tie this scarf by wrapping it around your neck and crossing one side over the other. Gather a little part of the scarf into a loop and wrap the left side around it. Make sure to tighten it as much as you feel comfortable.

French knot
Wrap a folded scarf around your shoulders in two equal parts. Pull one loose end into the loop and with the other loose end go under and over the loop.

Twisted turtleneck
Place a twisted scarf evenly around your neck. Loop the two ends so they hang down your chest and tuck them back inside the scarf.

Belt drape
Place the scarf evenly around your shoulders and fasten the belt of your choice at your waist.

Fake knot
Place the scarf around your should such that the left side hangs longer. Tie a loose not on the longer side and slide the shorter side into the loop of that knot.

Let us know which style caught your eye!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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