7 Healthy ways to detox your body

There’s a myth that revolves around detoxing, that detoxing is all about water diet and skipping food. It’s time we change these pre-conceived notions! A healthy detox doesn’t necessarily mean to completely skip food or go on a juice fast. It’s a body cleanse or the act of flushing out toxins by making the right food and health choices. Why don’t we improve our health by including these easy detox methods into our lifestyle! 

1. Warm water with lemon juice
The age-old formula for a healthy living, to have a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. This combination works wonders, helps in digestion and metabolism for the rest of the day! 

2. Avoid refined sugar
Packaged products with adulteration is the most dangerous form of intake for our bodies. We often fall for fancy packaging and buy a product ignoring its ingredients. Next time make sure to run through the Ingredients and skip refined sugar of any kind.

3. Cinnamon Tea
We love cinnamons in our apple pies and other bakes, why not add this aromatic ingredient to your daily tea’s as well. They help in cleansing your gut and promotes digestion.

4. Follow the SS Intake
The SS intake is nothing but, smaller-slowly intake of food. That is, smaller portions and eating slowly boosts metabolism and reduces inflammation. This is the most beneficial lifestyle change that will help you in the long run. 

5. Include Prebiotics 
We all know what comes with conscious living is healthy food. Gut health is extremely important, this fiber feeds the good bacteria in your system to boost immunity and helps your detox regime. Prebiotic food include, bananas, onions, asparagus and garlic to name a few.

6. Sleep Routine
This health tip has been stressed enough all our lives. We take our sleep for granted and assume that sleep is necessary only for our mind. But, sleep pattern directly reflects on your entire health and leads to major health issues. Let’s fix this today! Don’t you want to live a long-healthy life?

7. Green Tea
This zero calorie drink rose to fame in the recent past where nutritionists and dietitians starting vouching for this drink two to three times a day to not just help cleanse your system but also helps in weight loss. This is the best alternate for your daily caffeine intake!

Let’s give these detox methods a serious try and focus on becoming healthier versions of ourselves!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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