7 Types of skirts you need in your wardrobe!

Skirts have been A part of our fashion since even before fashion was a choice. In the ever changing fashion world skirts are something we can always count on. Let’s take a look at seven types of skirts you should definitely have in your wardrobe!

Flared Skirt
As the name suggests, these skirts flare out when the wearer moves. They are best for A semi—formal setting like an office party.

Circle Skirt
These come in long and short length. The long ones are normally worn by dancers. The short ones are pleated. They give the wearer room to breathe, A perfect combination of comfort and style.

High Waist Skirt
There are many that are called high waisted but these rest just over the wearer’s bellybutton. The cut of these skirts flatter the wearer’s waistline.

Pencil Skirt
Mainly wore in a professional setting, these skirts are a power move. They are skin fit and usually either mid—length or shorter.

Micromini Skirt
Probably the most commonly worn but chic and stylish nonetheless. With it’s hemline just above the upper thigh, they are shorter than the regular mini skirt.

Skater Skirt
Again a high waisted skirt, short—but not so much— these have definitely won over the fashion world in recent years. It is rather informal and suitable for a casual outing.

Asymmetrical Skirt
This one as well, comes in different lengths; mainly mini and midi. As the name suggests one side of helm is asymmetric to the others. These are also called wrap skirts because— well, because they wrap around your body fastened with either buttons, ties or strings.

This concludes our wardrobe suggestions! Let us know which one you liked best.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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