A 3 day guide to Switzerland

Despite being a small country, Switzerland has so much to see! From tourist attractions to quaint towns, this country transports you to a paradise surrounded with surreal beauty and serendipity. With the fastest vaccination campaigns in UAE, Switzerland has now opened its doors to UAE residents who have received both their vaccine shots approved by the Swiss authorities. Switzerland is vacation goals, with activities like hiking, cable car, snow sports and scenic train rides. Let’s take a look at how we can wrap a 3 day trip in this country!

Day 1 : Lucerne
It would be ideal to kick-start your trip from Lucerne. It’s not only a beautiful old city but also has sites and attractions with historical importance, make sure you visit the Swiss museum and the famous Chapel Bridge. Stroll around the City, the shopping alleys and enjoy an evening by the Lucerne Lake. Swiss transport system is the best in the world, don’t forget to explore the city through a ferry ride which offers breathtaking views and has stop-overs at several little towns and villages. Weggis is one such town located 45 mins away from the city, which offers the authentic Swiss vibes.

Day 2 : Jungfraujoch 
One of Switzerland’s greatest attractions is the Europe’s highest train station. Jungfraujoch offers panoramic vistas of snow-capped mountains, a 90 degree train ride which is unbelievably beautiful and thrilling. While travelling to Jungfraujoch you can also stop over at Interlaken, a traditional resort town in the Bernese Mountain. It is home to the latest tourist attraction in the country called Harder Kulm, Top of Interlaken. A funicular ride to the top from the valley station. You can even skip the funicular while heading back and instead hike down!

Day 3 : Lauterbrunnen
A village straight out of a movie set, Lauterbrunen is a valley with 72 waterfalls, alpine meadows with charming chalets and magnificent views. It has featured in several movies and is nothing but, dreamy. It would be perfect to have your third day spent in this city to soak in all that Swiss culture. Heading back to Zurich and spending the night there is also a great way to end the trip, paying a visit to the most luxurious city in Switzerland.

Picture Credits: Safia Mansoor

Make sure to start early as the Swiss call it a day by the evening.
Happy Planning!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)



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