A New beginning for RoyalJet

The Abu Dhabi owned and operated, award-winning premium aviation company launched its new brand along with customer experience transformation project. They unveiled the spanking new VIP lounge and the revamped BBJ aircraft.

“Since prior to this global pandemic we have been undergoing a deep internal transformation in order to even more consistently deliver exceptional experiences to our guests every time they fly,” said Rob DiCastri, CEO, RoyalJet.

“Our vision is to be the global reference at the top end of the private aviation industry, particularly via our exceptional Boeing Business Jet fleet, by delivering personalized delight to the leaders who fly with us.  As an Abu Dhabi company we also strive to project the values and identity of Abu Dhabi and the UAE across the globe by ensuring our product and the experience is consistent with the new vision of our emirate and our country” he further added.

In order to achieve the said goals and to connect with the guests, RoyalJet caters to the primary objective of reflecting the rich Emirati culture and heritage by supporting and promoting the local. From the signature pieces in the VIP lounge by the homegrown artists to providing an organic experience by serving meals prepared exclusively with locally sourced ingredients. 

The brand new VIP lounge offers a unique experience in an environment solely created to offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere for the passengers. Keeping aesthetics and interiors on point with soothing color schemes to aromatic fragrances. 

Apart from the refurbished new look, RoyalJet also aims to make the journey memorable by offering its passengers personalized services from the the beginning of the voyage. Choosing the aircraft that best fits their needs, a well planned meal, even deciding on the entertainment and services tailored to your’s and your families preferences.

Do you miss the internet services while on-board? This aircraft provides inflight entertainment equipped with high-speed internet connectivity making it the sixth aircraft in the RoyalJet fleet to cater to the highest speed internet in the market, enabling passengers to browse via in-house WiFi or using their own devices.

This marks the beginning of the historic new journey for the RoyalJet operators. They further assure to hop on to the latest trends and requirements in keeping up with the ever-evolving luxury market in the world and continue to provide excellent customer experiences. 

The RoyalJet FBO and its aircraft can be viewed by interested passengers based on scheduled appointments.

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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