At home ingredients for DIY beauty!

Sometimes a lot of expensive and rich products fail to do what an easily accessible ingredient can do! So here’s how some ingredients can help you care for yourself!

Honey is used for a lot of things and one of its uses is as a lip scrub. Yes! Just Add a little sugar and lemon juice to some honey massage it on your lips. Rub it off after letting it settle for a few minutes to achieve soft pink lips.

Fenugreek seeds powder
Apart from being good for your heart, fenugreek seeds are also great for your hair! Add fenugreek seeds powder to some sour curd, mix it well, and apply it on your hair. Leave it for an hour or two and then wash it with your preferred shampoo and conditioner for smooth silky hair!

Gram flour
Quite unusual but definitely effective. Take some Gram flour and water to it, just enough to make a paste. Apply this paste on your skin while in the shower and wash it off after a few minutes. This will give your skin a glow like none other!

Favourite breakfast food, isn’t it? But, that’s not all eggs can be used for. You can use a beat up egg to apply on your hair and leave it for around 30 minutes. Rinse it later with your preferred shampoo to get rid of the smell. This will give your hair a beautiful texture and conditioning.

Coconut Oil
Sometimes when you’re out of moisturisers but still need to do your skincare coconut oil is will save the day! Most of your skincare products consists coconut oil. It helps give your skin much needed nutrition.

These are some of our suggestions. Let us know if you have more!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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