Beauty benefits of Shea Butter!

Shea butter is induced with multiple properties that are proven to be extremely useful when it comes to providing moisture to your skin.

Here are 3 must know beauty benefits of shea butter.

1.Ideal lip butter

Shea butter is infused in fatty acids, vitamins and other goodness that is extremely helpful for your skin. When it comes to your lips, shea butter is a heaven sent. If your facing the problem of chapped lips shea butter is your solution. All you’ll need to do is lather it on your lips in the form of a lip-balm. It heals chapped lips and leaves them feeling extremely soft.

2. Body butter

Another useful benefit of shea butter is using it in the form of a body butter. The anti-inflammatory properties present in shea butter helps with any sort of skin problems, helps with scrapes and cuts, hydrates and smoothens the skin and many more. Therefore using it as a part of your daily skin care routine can prove to be extremely beneficial.

3. Helps minimise stretch marks

Shea butter can be a useful resort when it comes to reducing stretch marks present on the skin. Shea butter promotes healthy cell growth; which helps the skin heal and minimises the appearance of stretch marks.

Therefore make shea butter a part of your daily skin care routine and gradually see it making a whole lot of difference to your skin by making it appear healthy and hydrated.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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