Birthday girl Masaba Gupta is the poster girl for body positivity – here’s why

The Indian fashion industry has started to change it’s perspective towards normalized beauty standards since the time when few fashion designers emerged with different set of thoughts and ideas started taking over the industry. Leading the new pattern was Masaba Gupta who massively contributed in smashing the stereotypes and redefining the definition of beauty which is all about self love and body acceptance.

The fashion designer owns a big fashion label, House of Masaba which was launched in 2009 and has been standing strong against all the body shaming norms since the time of its existence. Masaba has never stepped back from speaking up for herself and against all the societal taboos, she has often been heard talking about how she was too a victim of body shaming, racism and colourism since she was a kid and have shared many such instances where she was called out in having a certain skin tone and appearance.

Masaba sure is responsible for starting a new narrative and letting girls know that size and skin tone doesn’t matter. Some time ago, brands defined perfectly sized outlines as something to take care of. In any case, it was Gupta who made straight section and extreme volume fits cool. Her garments disrupted guidelines and set new patterns and her commitment in causing little youngsters to accept that size doesn’t make a difference brought forth another account.

Three years back, in an Instagram post she talked about how she had to take a long road before she could finally accept her own body and feel comfortable in it. Having to deal with similar issues from a very young age, she always emphasizes on the importance of self love and knowing that none of these idealized beauty standards define your worth. It only your confidence, self esteem and strength that needs to be taken care of, in her post she had written, “Collect your scars & build them into something beautiful” and she received a lot of love and positivity.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma) 


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