Here’s what’s changed about the Clean Girl makeup look

We are glad that minimal is still trendy!

We are pretty sure that you have seen the videos of those girls who look stunning but there is hardly any makeup on their faces, but their skin looks flawless and their lips are just so glossy! Pinterest is also giving us all these looks and we want to get this look for our everyday!

The clean girl makeup look trend started last year’s summer. Most people are familiar with this look, as it’s known as the “No-Makeup Makeup Look”. The no-makeup makeup look helps the person looks more natural and going for this look means that no one should come to know that there is makeup on your face, but the clean girl makeup actually is about using less amount of makeup, so it’s absolutely okay to know that you have used makeup!

The clean girl makeup is perfect for the summers and for your morning meetings. It gives you a dose of beauty with lighter and fewer products. While going for the clean girl makeup look, you have to put in mind that you have to replace the foundation with a concealer instead, the concealer will be applied on the corners of the eyes, nose and lips. You can use a compact powder as a finishing top to get a less shiny-skin look.

For the blush, replace the powder blush with a creamy one, it’s the best option during summers. And for the lips, choose a glossy pink or glossy peach.


Eye makeup is as minimal as face makeup. Most girls go for mascara and concealed eyelids. But there are few changes in the clean girl makeup look, especially in the eye makeup part. Makeup artists are pushing the girls to go more for their eye makeup. This summer we are adding eyeliner for our clean girl makeup look! But, wait, that doesn’t mean the bold winged liquid eyeliner. We are talking about the brownish eyeliners. If you don’t have brown eyeliner, no biggie! Any brown eyeshadow will do the job.

Last but not the least, we should not forget the power of the eyebrows. Use eyebrow mascara to give your eyebrows the volume that it needs. Check out these eyebrow mascaras that girls are falling in love with!








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