Diwali inspired smokey eye makeup look!

Spice up your Diwali ensemble with the addition of these smokey eye makeup looks.

Here are 3 Diwali inspired smokey eye makeup look for you to try out.

1. Smokey shimmer

A perfect smoky combination for your festive look can be with the addition of some heavy toned shimmers. All you’ll need to do for this look is to add a somber natural base and blend it out flawlessly, bronze your face using a tan toned color. Add the same brown shade all over your lid and add on gold shimmer to it. Take your Kajal pencil and apply a smudgy linear to get a smoky effect and tighten waterline using the same eye pencil. Add on a perfect glossy lipstick shade to seal your smokey shimmery look.

2. Smudged black

Another stunning smoky eye look can be a smudged black makeup look. To your perfectly bronzed natural base add on a subtle amount of pink toned blush to add a minimalistic effect. Take your favorite kohl black eye pencil and draw a messy line over your eyelid, smudge it out using a brush to emphasis your eyes and to make it pop. To your ideal smudgy look add on a subtle brown lip gloss to seal your ideal festive look.

3. Aesthetic grey

A perfect festive touch to your Diwali look can be with the addition of a smoky grey toned aesthetic eye look. To your subtle base add on a natural themed blush to give a fresh look to your makeup. Add on a heavy hand of grey shadow throughout your eyelid and smudge the look using a black eye pencil to accentuate your eyes. Add on a matching rosy pink lip shade to emphasis your ideal aesthetic grey makeup look.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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