DON’T MISS: The AKS Color Carnival – Dubai’s Ultimate Holi experience!

AKS Color Carnival – Dubai’s premier Family Holi Festival is the biggest Holi event to be witnessed in Dubai

Get ready for a vibrant explosion of color and music as the AKS Color Carnival, Dubai’s premier Family Holi Festival, gears up for its 4th edition on Saturday, March 2, ‘24, at the iconic The Sevens Stadium, this will be the only Holi event to take place on Saturday.

AKS Color Carnival, promises an immersive experience with over 15,000 enthusiastic attendees anticipated. Going beyond boundaries, it celebrates Holi as an international phenomenon, enjoyed by people of every caste, race, creed, and ethnicity. AKS, as a brand, embodies global standards of music entertainment.

The festivities will feature a star-studded lineup of renowned DJs, including Ace, Buddha, KV5, Purab, Yogmusic, and Zubair. Accompanied by mesmerizing Dhol Players and captivating Carnival Acts, the event aims to create a symphony of entertainment that transcends traditional celebrations.

Beyond the beats, the AKS Color Carnival offers a multifaceted experience. Attendees can revel in the Shisha Area, tantalize their taste buds with delectable bites from Food Trucks, unwind in the VIP area, and ensure the little ones have a blast in the dedicated Kids Play Area, and a new art and craft zone for kids to engage with fun activities. For adults, there’s an exclusive Adult Play Area, ensuring an inclusive and immersive celebration for all.

Building on the success of the last edition, which saw over 10,000 participants, this year’s carnival promises to be BIGGER and BETTER. Attendees can expect an upgraded and more exhilarating celebration of Holi, making it a must-attend event on Dubai’s social calendar.

Mr. Bharat M Harpalani, the visionary CEO of Ace Ventures Events, shares his insight into the event: “AKS Holi brings a Tomorrowland look and feel to the UAE and beyond. Our commitment is unwavering – to continue bringing the best acts in the entertainment space to the region, ensuring the AKS Color Carnival grows at a rapid pace in the upcoming years.”

Join us in capturing the spirit of Holi with Ace Ventures Events and VTR Hospitality & Events. We extend an invitation to the media to be an integral part of the pre-event campaign, contributing to the grandeur and excitement that the AKS Color Carnival promises in ‘24. Experience the magic, embrace the colors, and mark your calendars for a day of unforgettable celebration.

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