DUBbang Hollywood!

India is one of the hugest markets for Hollywood films. So much so, that the biggest studios there have started catering to Indian audience by releasing their films’ dubbed versions in local languages. And while it’s a win-win situation for both – the studios as well as the audience – we can’t help but notice how the titles suddenly come to sound a lot funnier in their desi avatars. In fact, they have been a little too creative and it won’t be wrong to say that often it’s been a case of ‘lost in translation’. Here’s taking a look at some of them:

Mr & Mrs. Smith – Mr & Mrs. Sharma

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Hindi): Amazon.in: Movies & TV Shows
Mr. and Mrs. Smith as Mr. and Mrs. Sharma.

Smith, who? You may be Jane Smith and John Smith in Hollywood, but in India, no one competes with the invincible Sharmas.

Captain America, The Winter Soldier – Captain America, Maha Dabangg

Captain America - The Winter Soldier (Hindi): Amazon.in: Chris ...
Maha Dabangg Captain America.

No, Chris Evans is not starring in any of the Salman Khan cop-caper Dabangg series. But we can always give Captain America a taste of Bollywood super-stardom, isn’t it?

Up – Udan Choo!

Disney’s Up as Udan Choo!

Udan Choo! sits best in the jargon of magicians and fits quite well for the movie. That deserves a thumbs up from us!

Dunston Checks In – Ek Bandar Hotel ke Andar

Dunston Checks In as Ek Bandar Hotel me Andar

Dunston Checks In was one of the first movies to be dubbed in Hindi for its India release. The Hindi title is rhythmic and honestly couldn’t get more literal than this. Plus it worked well with the kiddie gang!

Avengers – Angarey Baney Sholay

The Avengers (Hindi): Amazon.in: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans ...
Avenger’s Hindi Poster

The translators were quite right in predicting the sparks this movie was going to create. The title reminds one of the old film, Phool Bane Angaarey, almost sounds like its sequel in fact.

Night at the Museum – Museum Ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar

Night at the Museum (Hindi): Amazon.in: Ben Stiller, Carla Gugino ...
Ben Stiller as Sikander in Museum ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar.

This Hindi translation has a nice rhyme to it. Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is also rightly called Sikander. As we all know, he did conquer the museum by the end of the night.

Finding Nemo – Kho Gaya Nemo

Finding Nemo’s Hindi Poster.

Now now, don’t you think the Hindi name evokes more sympathy than the English one? We wonder if Prateek Kuhad gave music to this one.

Smurfs – Neele Natkhat

.Smurfs as Neele Natkhats on Indian screen

Blue and naughty – we think it describes the smurfs perfectly. What do you think?

Django Unchained – Khatron Ka Khiladi

, Fast Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained as Khatron Ka Khiladi.

Some people might have been disappointed not to find Akshay Kumar in the movie. Too bad, Tarantino!

Fast and Furious – Raftaar ka Junoon

Fast and Furious 7 as Raftaar ka Junoon.

The sensational title must have made the audience rush to the theatres with a tonne of junoon (enthusiasm). Good going, translators!

Do you know of any more such titles that had you grinning? Share them with us!


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