Early Birds and Late Bloomers – Bollywood Celebrities On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most loved social media service and it has 1 billion monthly active users and 40 percent of them are aged between 25 to 35 years.

Bollywood has already made Insta space their home and there are some late bloomers like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif who have recently made their accounts. Celebrities are very much active on Instagram by posting there real life, reel life and movie promotions on their account for their fans.

Do you know which Indian celebrity has most followers on Instagram? It’s not SRK nor Salman who tops the list. You would be surprised to know SRK is not even in the list of Top 10. Yes, you read it right. We have 5 Bollywood actresses who beat them and Akshay Kumar on Instagram.

List of Top 10 Early Birds with highest followers on Instagram.
1. Priyanka Chopra – 41.6 Million
2. Deepika Padukone – 36.3 Million
3. Alia Bhatt – 33.9 Million
4. Shraddha Kapoor – 30.5 Million
5. Jacqueline Fernandez – 29.2 Million
6. Akshay Kumar – 26.6 Million
7. Anushka Sharma – 25.4 Million
8. Ranveer Singh – 23.9 Million
9. Salman Khan – 23.1 Million
10. Sunny Leone – 22.6 Million

List of Top 5 Late Bloomers on Instagram – Despite of being late risers they still have a good following on Instagram. Katrina Kaif has more following than Salman Khan and Sunny Leone but as she is joined Instagram later we have added her in the late bloomers list.
1. Katrina Kaif – 23.2 Million
2. Sara Ali Khan – 10.2 Million
3. Kajol Devgn – 8.1 Million
4. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – 7.2 Million
5. Aamir Khan – 2.6 Million

Do you know which Bollywood actor made it’s account first on Instagram? Share with us in the comments below?


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