EXCLUSIVE! STAYING AHEAD OF TIME: Michele Aracri decodes brand POLICE; talks about launching The Batman Special Edition watches

Michele Aracri, Managing Director of the De Rigo Group in an exclusive conversation with Aakanksha Naval-Shetye

Police, the all-Italian iconic brand owned by the De Rigo Group, has come to be synonymous with style and substance. The daring and urban Italian unisex eyewear and watch brand, has now collaborated with THE BATMAN movie to launch 4 Limited Edition Watches. Crafting only 10,000 timepieces globally, the unique watches will be on sale globally from 4th February 2022, and the collection is bound to be in huge demand amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts, aiming to get their hands on the limited-edition collection. The limited-edition Police x THE BATMAN timepieces are priced from AED 730 to AED 1,460 and designed to cater to both male and female tastes.  The four watches are aptly named after the gripping franchise including; THE BATMAN Watch, THE BATMAN Vengeance Edition Watch, THE BATMAN Gotham City Edition Watch, THE BATMAN Catwoman Edition Watch.
We caught up with De Rigo Group’s Managing Director, Michele Aracri at the exquisite launch of the time-pieces and in an exclusive interview, he tells us about the thrilling partnership with Warner Bros. and The Batman as well as reveals what keeps POLICE ahead of the curve when it comes to making their presence felt globally. Excerpts

What made a global brand like POLICE partner with movie giant Warner Bros for The Batman special edition time-pieces?
The Batman very much-like our brand is a global phenomenon and like us it taps the age group from 15 years old to 60. So the association was organic. It was a strategic investment for us, as The Batman has a very strong connect with our target consumers.

Your brand has always been keeping up with the times for generations now and ahead of the curve when it comes to competition and markets globally. What would you say has been the USP?
The fact that we understand market needs and cater to different segments has been our strength. Like even The Batman special models are all differently priced to aim different categories. But what’s most important is to provide quality service. We make it work for the market and the customer and offer the best product at best prices. This has been our global strategy at POLICE.

How have the markets changed more recently?
Fashion today is extremely important especially after these few years of the pandemic. Now people are going all out, experimenting with different styles, trying different products, and today’s fashion is not the same as it was a few years ago. Today we also have to consider that we are in the digital times and eras, and the young generations ask for new concepts, new products, and up-to-date individual styles.

How has POLICE adapted to the global markets?
We have a different category for different markets across the globe. We understand that the consumer needs are not the same across. So the markets are different, the colours, feel, demand is different, so while keeping one segment similar, we also cater to markets country-wise. The key lies in understanding the markets.

The Batman very much-like our brand is a global phenomenon…
– Michele Aracri

What would you say has been the biggest change in the industry?
The biggest change is the consumer. They are more mature, more clear in what they want and they seek a different product. Earlier it was one for all, today it’s more about a more personalized approach.

Tell us more about your personal style?
I don’t like to show too much. I like a product that’s not too flashy or over the top. I like it simple, minimalistic, but high in quality and with good technology.




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