Free size is the new standard!

Many of us underwent some drastic wardrobe overhaul post-covid. The tight fitted clothes are taking up a little corner in our closet but these oversized baggy outfits are the ones stealing the show. Loose comfy clothing are not the pieces that have stretched out or the wrong sizes you picked, these are intentionally structured baggy outfits to create the look. This style has been around for a while but seems to have got its mojo only now! With the world slowly reopening, we are choosing comfort for every occasion rather than body hugging outfits. Here’s your guide to free size clothing trends this year!

— XXL Jackets
The pace at which fashion choices and trends change is faster than we can adapt. There were times we use to pick jackets that had skinny and fitted cuts, but now its all about tailored loose fit.  However, these outfits look stylish only when complemented with a tighter fit elsewhere. 

— Free Size Shirts 
From our couches to runways, these large free size shirts have gone a long way. Ideal for summers, these shirts can pull of any look. An oversized shirt with a strappy sandals and a fitted ripped jeans is a classic combo while wearing this trend.

— Baggy Trousers
Gone are the days where pants have to be skinny to look good. Trousers that are loose and roomy is the modern take on our pajamas. They can easily be paired with a fitted tee or a tank top to look stylish.

— Tent Dress
Bigger-the-better just got real! An outfit that carries off elegance when paired with heels and also makes up for a casual summer day dress. Currently, the tiered tent dresses and the shirt dresses are soaring up this less-is-more trend.

— T-Shirt Dress
The loungewear look is a two-in-one combo, where the comfort of your tee meets a free size dress. These aren’t structured or tailored fits, which in-turn enhances your look and is liberating. They can be worn as a t-shirt dress or paired with a biker shorts.

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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