Gaurav Gupta to Zakir Khan: 5 Stand-Up comedians you just can’t miss!

Check out 5 phenomenal stand-up comedians who are best at what they do and will surely leave you rolling on the floor in laughter:

Gaurav Gupta

Doctor-turned-stand-up comedian, this man trolls his family to another level. He is a comedian who literally is so down-to-Earth including his middle-class jokes which are so relatable. Keeping a check on our mental health, Dr. Gupta is back with one of his stand-up specials: Market Down Hai, which is all about funny incidents and tales about all the emotional blackmail lines given by mummy-papa log and other relatives. Market Down Hai released on May 14 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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Zakir Khan

The Sakht Launda urf Ronny bhaiya from Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare from Indore, Madhya Pradesh is one of the best stand-up comedians we ever had. He was just a normal guy who rose to fame because of his excellent poetry, great acting skills and mind blowing punchlines in his stand up specials which are always remembered and associated with Zakir. Rising to fame with his association with AIB, he has swept away the hearts of a lot of girls and is a sakht role model for the young boys.


Anubhav Singh Bassi

After hearing this man, you will admit that the ‘bassi-bassi-bassi’ trend on Instagram was just for him. Born in a small town, Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh, this guy has reached the sky when it comes to making us breathless because of continuous laughter. He is best known for his realistic and hilarious story telling skills. Whether it’s living in a boys hostel or having a roommate or giving all entrance exams (IIT, AIEEE, PMT, CAT) and then finally getting admitted into a law college in Delhi, he is a humorist which will light up anyone’s day.

Vir Das

If you are looking for content which is hilarious and intellectual, look no further because Vir Das is here. His stand-up specials Vir Das for India, Vir Das: Inside Out and Vir Das: Outside In were massive hits that should definitely be on your watchlist.


Aditi Mittal

One of the founders and co-host of AIB, Aditi is a stand-up comedian, an actor and a writer. She is one of the first female artists to do stand-up comedy in India. Her shows are full of fun and she is definitely a beauty with a brain. She has talked about some topics which were considered taboo and has beautifully portrayed it in a hilarious manner. She is very much vocal about the gender disparity women face and has subtly yet made noise to stop this inequality. We can see Aditi recently in a show called LOL: Hasse to Phasee on Amazon Prime Video which makes us fall in love with her all over again. She is truly an artist who knows how to keep all her audiences happy literally.



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