Glowing Skin during Summer

As we welcome summer again, it’s important to know how we can take care of our skin and protect it from the hot sun. Here we are listing for you few simple tips you can follow for healthy fresh skin. What about your skincare routine? Share it within the comments section.

  • Drink Water

Drinking water will keep your whole body hydrated, and will keep your skin fresh. Drinking two liters of water daily especially in summers is a must.


  • Sun protection

It’s important to keep your skin protected from the sun. it’s highly recommended to wear an SPF-30-50 as it slows the aging process.


  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure

This might damage your skin. For that, and as we have mentioned earlier, try to wear a sunblock every time you go out.


  • SPF is your Summer moisturizer

Wearing a high-quality SPF will moisturize and protect you at the same time. No need to apply a moisturizer while using SPF unless you have very dry skin.


  • Cooling masks

Cooling masks like yogurt and corn starch once a week helps your skin to stay fresh and healthy.



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