Here’s who Hrithik finds the fittest among actors

When Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Hrithik took to Instagram on the occasion and wrote, “I think the 2 emotions which best describe my journey of the past 20 years since KNPH, is simply “Fear” and “Fearless” both existing simultaneously and never one devoid of the other … On the face of it, Fearless is a David. Fear is more a Goliath. But no matter how many times you repeat the story or in how many different ways, David still always defeats Goliath… I feel terribly bad for fear. Cause it tries so hard. Fearless is a smart cookie, it only follows one rule. To keep going… Thanks Fear. If not for 20 years of you, I’d never have lived my 20 years of Fearless. Excerpts from my interview with the handsome, dynamic, self-effacing and affable Hrithik Roshan

Have you considered working on OTT platform?

OTT platform is an extremely exciting space for sure. I have myself been binge watching films and shows on the platform during the last couple of months. Also, I am an explorer by nature, so I have no restrictions – be it working for content on OTT/YouTube/Cinemas or any other format, as long as the stories and characters excite me, I am open to anything and everything.

Your favourite web series till date?

Well, I have quite a few favourites. Amongst the Indian shows, caught up with Masaba Masaba, a remarkable show with the right amount of humour and some great performances. It was pure fun, and an entertaining display of human spirit. Also, Social Dilemma is an important documentary on the dangerous human impact of social networking, it’s a must watch.

The fittest actor/actress you know?

Katrina Kaif is quite fit I must say. Then there’s also Vidyut Jamwal, and Tiger’s fitness levels we all have witnessed.

Who is the handsomest man you know?

Anil Kapoor… He is aging but backwards 🙂

Self-awareness, mindfulness and …. (complete the line)


The real superheroes today are …

Adding extra to your ordinary is the best super power you can exhibit today. I would say these unprecedented times have exposed the super humans of our society, the frontline workers of our Healthcare industry, and the essential service providers. You cannot undermine the commitment of your local grocer, vegetable vendor, or the delivery partners who have ensured unhindered supply of essentials during lockdown. They have all been risking their safety to keep us safe. And that to me is the true definition of a superhero.







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