Hot and Happening: Gillette brings the A-Game of luxurious hot shave right in the comfort of your homes!

Check out the world’s first heated razor, as this hot towel shave introduced by Gillette, is only a click away!
The festive season is dawning closer. But besides the festivities, the air is also thick with the winter nip! And if the suave, clean-shaven look is what you have in mind, but without having to step out into the barber shop, then Gillette has just the thing for some salon-style skin-pampering of a hot-towel-shave right in the comfort of your homes! An ideal gift this festive season, it guarantees an indulgent pampering sesh at your finger-tips. Now that’s a hint for you ladies, who want their men to get rid of those stubbles for good! The World’s First Heated Razor introduced by Gillette – the market leaders of hair grooming products for men – is the ultimate luxury grooming product you just can’t afford to miss and here’s why:

The world’s first heated razor activates and delivers instant warmth at the push of a button and provides a noticeably comfortable shave, leaving the skin smoother and relaxed. And with Gillette Middle East announcing the release of its first-to-market heated razor by GilletteLabs in the UAE, the all-new grooming product is just a click away. This luxurious pampering product is an absolute must-have for the new-age man who likes to be on the go and look his best at all times.

The first innovation to come from the new GilletteLabs premium division, this ultimate product in male grooming delivers a sustained heat sensation via an innovative warming bar and provides the pleasure of a hot towel with every stroke. But what truly make the World’s first Heated Razors so unique are its multiple features that promise you a shaving experience like no other.

Right from its Stainless Steel Warming Bar to its Adjustable Temperature Levels! The warming bar distributes heat quickly and evenly, instantly providing soothing warmth to the skin that feels like a hot towel shave with every stroke and lasts throughout the entire shave. A push of the button and the warming bars heat up within a second and it comes with 2 temperature settings to suit different heat preferences.

This functionality earned the Heated Razor an Engadget People’s Choice Award when it was exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

With a push of a button, easily choose between two levels of heat to achieve optimal comfort based on what’s right for each user. What’s more, the temperature of the razor has been optimized using feedback from hundreds of men around the world for maximum comfort. The razor has two heat settings: 43C/110F designated with a yellow light and 50C/122F designated with an orange light. With 4 intelligent heat sensors, your chosen temperature is maintained from the first stroke to the last.

A huge plus are the built-in safety features that ensure an even and safe level of heat. The razor comes with an Automatic Overheat Protection. Four intelligent heat sensors consistently maintain even warmth at the chosen temperature through each shaving stroke, while built-in safety features ensure an even and safe level of heat. While the notion of heat opening pores is a myth, the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs provides a sustained heat sensation via an innovative warming bar to provide the comfort and sensorial experience of a hot towel with every stroke.

The warmth apart, the razor boasts of the Advanced Five Blades Technology, which is integrated in Gillette’s most advanced, thinnest and finest blades to provide incredible comfort. The Wireless Magnetic Charging is a blessing for the man-on-the-go. Compact, convenient and elegant, the wireless magnetic charging dock makes charging the razor as easy as putting it down.

It has the rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, used in advanced electronics, that lasts up to six shaves, depending on usage – making being on-the-go easy. The aesthetically-designed Sleek Handle also makes it the jewel of your grooming kit. The premium-grade aluminum zinc handle adds an air of sophistication to the razor’s overall look and feel. The unique razor’s Flexdisc Technology contours to your facial features and conquers the curves to ensure contact with the warming bar on every stroke – no matter how users shave.

Most of all, the Razor is 100 per cent Waterproof! This allows users to shave based on their preference – in the shower or at the sink.


The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs’ battery is designed to last five years – at which point consumers will need to purchase a new handle. The new Heated Razor is available across the seven The Art of Shaving Stores and on The Art of Shaving website:


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