Hottest Makeup Trends in 2020

Who said you can’t put on makeup while lounging around the house? We all deserve to look our best even if we’re practicing safe social distancing measures! And after all, makeup is nothing if not an art form to play around with, so without further ado, here’s our list of the hottest new makeup trends you should master at home today!

Floating eyeliner

Gone are the days when you’d spend 30 minutes with your nose pressed against your foggy mirror trying to perfect the winged liner. You are no longer restricted to keeping your eyeliner strictly on your lash line! The makeup trendsetters have thrown all eyeliner rules out the window and have expressed their creative freedom by experimenting with different ways to rock the liner. Ariana Grande flaunted this iconic look in her latest music video for the song Rain On Me with Lady Gaga.

Blue Eyeshadow!

For decades, blue eyeshadow has been a makeup no-no as it’s considered to be flashy, risky and tacky if done incorrectly. However, in 2020, we’re abandoning those apprehensions and experimenting with all bright and bold colours. Every year, the Pantone Colour institute declares a colour of the year and for 2020, their pick was Classic Blue, representing a new beginning. They made this decision considering the uncertainty and instability that this year began with, and picked the colour due to its calm, reassuring vibe. So go crazy with your blue eyeshadow palettes and tag us on Instagram @filmfareme with the unique looks you come up with!


Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Now is the best time to purchase those aesthetic one-litre water bottles and keep yourself well-hydrated because the glossy, dewy makeup looks are a hot trend taking over the beauty world! Lip gloss, glistening eyes and a glowy base give you a natural yet sophisticated look.

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Written by Nidhi Pattni


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