How to avoid being a “pick me” girl!

The “Pick Me” girl guide and how not to be one!

Have you heard of the “pick me” girl concept before? Well, if you didn’t, you are one of the luckiest people on earth so far. The “pick me” girl concept describes the rich spoiled kind of girl. A girl who seeks attention every day and tries to make everything about her. Avoid the below points to not be one!



Avoid complaining over every tiny detail

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Satisfaction is something that a “pick me” girl never heard of. She has to find flaws in everything she sees in her daily life. She complains and points out everyone’s mistake, and tries to show that actually she is “helping”.


Avoid getting into others’ business

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Imagine two office colleagues fighting over a work matter, or they are having a kind of heated argument. A not-pick-me would ask if everything is fine and gives them their space to work things out. A “pick-me” girl will actually be part of the argument, she will be asking in detail what’s happening, reminding the work colleagues that they should be friends and that fights increase the stress level. Well, okay.


Avoid reminding people of how short and small in size you are

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Imagine a “pick-me” and a not-pick-me girl trying to get something from a top shelf. The “pick-me” girl will be asking for help saying “heyyy, can you please help me, I am so short” and she does that, so the other guy compliments her and says “Nah, you are perfect”. But, on the other hand, a not-pick-me girl will ask for help and say, “Excuse me, can you help me get that book from the top shelf, thanks”. Simple.



Avoid talking in a childish voice

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This is a BIG NO-NO! Personally, we feel that talking in a childish voice should be illegal. Trying to be cute will give you the opposite result, and acting like you are an adult from the outside, but a “cutie pie” from the inside, will backfire on you.


Avoid pretending that you know nothing about makeup

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Well, looking at a girl who has spent time doing something that she enjoys like applying makeup and saying “OH MY GOD, I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU CAN PUT THAT MUCH MAKEUP, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MAKEUP, I DON’T WEAR MAKEUP”. Putting other girls down won’t raise you higher.



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