“I got a lot of time to introspect” Says – Mrunal Jain

This lockdown has been more like a teacher than torture for many of us. It has taught us so many lessons, human value, importance of things and our priorities and privileges. While it is agreeable that it can be quite depressing at times, but if you have people to talk to, you will do just fine. And actor Mrunal Jain feels the same. He said that one must have friends with whom you can bare your heart.

The entertainment industry received a big blow courtesy the on-going lockdown. No shoots, no work, financial crisis, has given rise to the number of suicide cases in the industry. Mrunal’s comment is in reference to the same. He said, “To read of actors dying or committing suicide was painful. Suicide is surely not the solution for everything. One must have friends to talk to, someone with whom you can bare your heart.”

When asked about his takeaway from this lockdown, he said, “I have realized that it is nice to be important but more important to be nice. Sooner or later fake people will go away. There are no true friends in the industry and though I never had a lot of friends, many fake friends have gone out of my life.  I am working on cultivating my patience. I got a lot of time to introspect in lockdown.”

He further added, “Live and let live. Don’t compromise on your friends. Spend lavishly on your food. I enjoyed eating food. In hurry days I never knew what I was eating.”

The “Uttaran” star is married to Sweety Jain. The couple, who met through a common friend, tied the knot in 2013.

Talking about his beautiful wife, he said, “I realized that she is the perfect wife I could have ever got. She accepted me as I am. She is a good cook too. Her amazing dishes have kept my taste buds happy. She has a lot of patience to understand my mood swings. Three months is a pretty long time and we have never spent such a long time together, ever. I think no one has spent such a long time with their spouses in Mumbai ever.”

Mrunal has been a part of TV shows like “Bandini”, “Hitler Didi” and “Uttaran”, among others. The actor has been working out at home and even shared his routine – 200 push-ups and 200 crunches and exercises with dumbbell.


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