“I won’t stop telling the truth,” says Rakhi Sawant

She is a force of nature and you never know the curveball she’ll throw at you to shock you out of your wits– all done in good humour and mirth. A name that resonates with comedy, gimmicks, drama and controversy Rakhi Sawant engulfs you with her love and warmth and says it like it is. She entertained the crowds at the Filmfare Middle East Achievers Night and made quite a few stars shake a leg. Manju Ramanan chats up with her.

When did you realize that you want to be in the business of entertainment?

I come from a poor family with a police background and my family has been orthodox. Girls are married off early but I wanted to make a name for myself and not go the domestic route of cooking for my family and raising kids. I wanted to be an actor and entered the industry. I have acting and dancing within me and Bollywood was a natural destination.

The 5 lessons you learnt on the way.

Work hard, prepare yourself to be part of the Bollywood industry, work honestly, do not cheat people, do not lie, pray to God every day and do not fear anyone ever. Your faith in God will keep you away from harm and no one can defeat you. Don’t be afraid to fail. Keep trying because one day you will succeed.

The advantages of being bold and outspoken

The sun and the moon don’t stop giving me light if I am outspoken. Only people mind me being upfront and frank. God has made all of us similar but people judge each other. They judge how a woman should be and how a man should behave. I believe in God Almighty and follow his laws and when I tell the truth, it becomes a controversy. But I won’t stop telling the truth.

When did you first meet Salman Khan and how has been a guiding part of your life.

I met Salman Khan 12 years ago and have done about 8-9 seasons of Big Boss. I have also been part of Dus Ka Dum and his stage shows. I have a great rapport and relationship with Salman Khan and his family, like home. But I am an SRK discovery. He chose me when I auditioned for Mai Hoon Na and gave birth to my career in the movies and then I was guided by Mr Salman Khan. How lucky am I? All the big stars respect me because they feel I am God’s child, truthful and upfront.


How did you like Dubai and the Filmfare ME Achievers Night.

I am planning to do lots of work in Dubai and it is the first country I know that doesn’t have fear at all. They did the Expo here, Filmfare ME Achievers Night happened here all because of the vision and benevolence of its ruler. He is afraid of no one. When other countries were scared, Dubai opened its arms to people. Shootings happen here, events are always glamorous here and people live a normal life despite the pandemic. I loved the Filmfare ME Achievers Night and I will come again next year to entertain the people of Dubai.

What are your future roles?

I have shot more than 80 videos and 25 films, done lots of work on reality TV shows for the last 15 years. Salman Khan told me that I am the reality show queen and the TRP queen and I am all about entertainment. From Bigg Boss to Koffee with Karan, I have been in most shows. I want to now do a comedy show on TV.

What are your best qualities?

I treat everyone the same – old, young, rich poor even those I don’t know. Also, I forgive others easily because God has forgiven my sins. I have no enemies and everyone loves me.




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