In a nutshell – Indian designers at the prestigious Paris Haute Couture Week

It was showcase of the best of ethnic and modern techniques of India

At the recently concluded Paris Haute Couture Week, Indian designers Vaishali S, Rahul Mishra, and debutant Gaurav Gupta showcased their crafts, leaving audiences mesmerised. No stranger to couture ramps in Paris, Vaishali S. and Rahul Mishra harnessed the power of Indian embroidery and weaving, once again, and Gaurav Gupta justified his inclusion in the Week. Here’s a highlight of their showings:

In the form of the Spring/Summer 2023 couture collection Abyss, Vaishali S. once again shines the global spotlight on Indian handwoven fabrics. In her signature corded weaves, the designer showcases a journey of self-discovery. About Abyss, she says, ‘I am extremely excited as the collection concept is a mix of two important aspects of my life: inner self exploration and depth of the ocean, which is one of my main sources of inspiration.’


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Rahul Mishra walked down the meta-spiritual path with his collection titled Cosmos. He drew inspiration from the Sanskrit statement, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ which translates to ‘I am the Cosmos’. The true champion of the collection is the impossible orientation to details in the complex, layered outfits, truly earning the couture tag. Intricate gold embroidery and galaxies abound this collection, as Mishra swims up from the depth of the oceans to the limitless sky.  


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Gaurav Gupta’s maiden Paris Couture Week outing saw him exploring the stillness of zero, and infinity expanded possibilities in studies of space and time. His learnings encapsulated in the collection aptly-titled Shunya.  Dancing wind, sculptural drapes, a sense of futurism, gold, black and all kinds of mind-boggling details, hand-woven together formed Shunya.


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