International Women’s Day 2021: New channel dedicated to women launched in UAE

In celebration of International Women’s Day, OSN (a leading entertainment network) has planned to launch its first-ever all-female content channel in the UAE – OSN Woman dedicated to women. The channel will showcase women-centric movies and shows. Content revolving around fashion, health, reality, relationships, and parenting will be the focus. The channel will also have exclusive movies and shows launching today (March 8).

Topping the launch will be the documentary titled A Perfect 14 which is directed by Giovanna Morales Vargas. The film revolves around the lives of plus-sized models who are constantly fighting to restructure the fashion industry and challenging customary beauty standards.

A documentary titled Women Like Us will also be debuting with the channel. It’s a documentary about three women traveling across both Kenya and the United States to fight injustice.

The channel will also comprise a documentary called Framing Britney Spears which launched recently and trended across the globe for its scornful impeachment of the sexist media industry as well as the pop culture abuse faced by Britney Spears during the singer’s rise and fall.

Other films and shows that will be shown on the channel include First Ladies, Public Figure, Fashion Start-Up, Inside Misguided, and Royals Declassified to name a few. The channel is being spearheaded by female programming specialists at OSN.


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