It’s Matcha tea time!

In the recent times health has become everyone’s number one priority. Due to which the hype for the existence of matcha tea has made it popular and well known.

Here’s all you need to know about it and how to make it at home.

Waking up to a cup of matcha tea is considered refreshing and calming not only for the mind, but body as well.

Health benefits
Matcha tea is infused with unlimited health benefits for your body and your overall well-being.
• It is known to have a high percentage of catechin which is known as EGCG which is considered to have cancer-fighting power.
• It is also known to prevent other diseases and health problems such as heart diseases type 2 diabetes and many more.

Other health benefits
• Matcha is considered as a solution to burn calories and promote weight loss.
• It also helps in lowering the cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
• It helps keep a happy and positive mood and ensures concentration.

Therefore, adding matcha as a part of your regular diet comes with a package of benefits that will help promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

How to make yourself a Matcha tea at home
To make matcha at home all you’ll need is, to add some matcha powder in a bowl, add a small quantity of hot water to it and whisk it vigorously from side to side to prevent it from clumping together. Once it gets a foamy texture you can add in more water or use milk and mix it together. Voila! You got yourself a health induced drink under minutes.

Try this recipe and make matcha a part of your daily lifestyle and gradually see this difference it makes when it comes to your overall health and well-being. You can also have this post workout to rejuvenate your energy.


Complied by Dhara Shah


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