Modest Fashion trends to dominate 2021

Modest fashion is now a more inclusive form of dressing than it used to be. What makes this fashion now a part of runways, stores and campaigns is its universality. Not just limited to women with hijab, this fashion is garnering attention for its comfort and aesthetic appeal. Floor-length dresses to statement accessories, modest fashion is all about including layers that would elevate your final look. Here’s your guide to pair-up right with modest pieces!

— Layer-Up
Definition of modest fashion is quite vast, it’s formation completely depends on where your comfort starts. The most common trend that has been in vogue is layering-up. Having the freedom to pick individual bold pieces and then putting it together to form your own ensemble. 

— Statement Accessories
Modest fashion closely relates to keeping it minimal. Where your clothing is kept simple, while you can always add that extra jazz with statement earpieces, rings or even footwear. Heeled mules and hoop earrings are most commonly the spotted ones.

— Relaxed Bottom
Would you love to avoid that tight fit altogether and allow your legs to breath? Relaxed bottoms or trousers come to-the-rescue. They are very much in trend and can easily be paired with a free size shirt or a hoodie. Your office wear can now have a reboot as these are both casual as well as semi-formal.

— Volume Dresses
Dresses of all sizes have been the talk of the fashion industry this season. Volume dresses are large in size with puff sleeves and no waist line. It is a zero structured outfit which are a first choice to hijabis and others who weigh comfort equal to style.

—Maxi Cardigans
We saw extra large jackets and trench coats doing the talking, maxi cardigans are the lengthier versions of your over-coats. They add an additional layer of sleekness and style making it an outfit choice for dinners or even a vacation.  

What’s your take on modest clothing?

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)

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