No more dead skin cells: 5 natural exfoliators for glowing skin!

Even subsequent to washing and cleansing your face each day, there are dead skin cells that even the best custom made face scrubs or cleansers pass up. These face cleansers are not that powerful at uncovering the grime that is more profound in your skin. Now exfoliation is a cycle that not just helps eliminate dead skin, zits and whiteheads yet in addition smoothens your skin surface. To scour your way to a delightful, sparkling new you, you should make this a part of your skincare routine. Here are five natural exfoliators that will help your skin glow:


These dry fruits support cerebrum as well as skin wellbeing. When ground finely, the texture of almonds is wonderful to remove dead skin with. Almonds are additionally wealthy in supplements that are fundamental for the skin. Mix honey with the grounded almonds for your required exfoliant.


Diminishes the puffiness around the eyes and rejuvenate skin and doesn’t bring about any dryness. Mix one teaspoon oil with grounded coffee and you are in for a glowing skin. Use it on your entire body if you will to get completely gleaming skin.

Baking Soda

One of the least expensive characteristic exfoliators, baking soda is known to be delicate on the skin, making it the ideal go-to for touchy skin. Mix it with water, some honey and vitamin E then exfoliate your skin for a dewy shine more than ever!


Ideal for the individuals who have sleek skin, oats is known to retain oil from the skin only to leave it smooth and gleaming. Blend it in your mixer until it turns to fine particles and then mix it with curd to further exfoliate your skin.


The lactic corrosive in milk can rapidly go to attempt to eliminate dead skin cells. To use all over, pour a limited quantity onto your palm and massage your skin. You can likewise consolidate entire milk with whipped egg if you have dry skin.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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