Pant up your wardrobe!

Usually while putting together an ensemble people don’t give too much thought to bottom wear. That’s partly because they’re unaware of the vast and ever changing array of strides. So here’s a list of few bottom wears other than jeans you should definitely have in your wardrobe!

Sailor pants
These are loose fitting, high waisted pants that flare at the helm and have two pairs of buttons going down the front side. They can be a great choice for semi professional outfits.

Pegged pants
Pegged pants are a full cut at the waist and thighs that taper to pleates at the ankle. In cotton or denim these give a casual look while wool pegged pants are more formal.

Palazzo pants
Palazzo pants are comfortable but trendy made of vivid fabrics. They fit at the thighs and flare out and are usually informal.

Culotte pants
Culottes are another pair of informal pants that cool bright and stylish but definitely lean towards the comfortable side. They are tight fitted at the waist and flare out at the knee.

Jodhpur pants
Jodhpurs are baggy at the knees with ankle cuffs. These pants are mainly informal with exception of ethnic formal events.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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