Post-pandemic Revenge-Dressing is the fashion world’s newest obsession

Little did we imagine post the pandemic, a whole new segment of clothing will come into existence. Fashion has evolved and changed in ways and sizes beyond our grasp. But fashion enthusiasts are all pumped up to add the melodrama in their lives with the language they know best, clothing. Here’s a look at some of the trends that are excess, that is,  revenge fashion!

— Hot Pink
A colour that’s most commonly used as an accent is now donning runways and streets as an entire suit! This flashy color is bold, loud and extravagant and hits right on your face. Conveys rage and cheer, the two feelings post pandemic in a single outfit.

— Scarf Tops
Last one year gave us ample of time to innovate and experiment with different pieces from our closet, one such discovery are the scarves that are now worn as tops. They grew so much in popularity that top fashion labels and even celebrities are seen adorning them.

— Revenge Heels
A complete departure of our home sneakers, welcome revenge heels! These heels are sky-high with extra fittings and embellishments like crystals and chains. Also in news for their eccentric colors like fuchsia pink and electric greens.

— Halter Tops
Being bold is the way to revenge dressing. Getting out of our PJs and sporting a casual yet classy look is the fashion motto this year. Halter tops have dramatic necklines that are chic and stylish. 

— Duster Coats
Love that extra layer of clothing? Then duster coats are the perfect way to add the spice to your otherwise minimal look. These coats are now seen in varieties that we didn’t even know existed. From over sized to patch worked, these coats are taking over post-pandemic fashion. 

What does your post-pandemic fashion say?

(contributed by Safia Mansoor)

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