“Quite like Dubai, Oman loves Bollywood too,” says singer Pratibha Sharma. Her new song Glass Khaali has over 2 million views on YouTube

Her song Glass Khaali featuring Shefali Jariwala and Ankit Siwach has just garnered over 2 million views on YouTube. Manju Ramanan speaks to to Oman based singer and artiste Pratibha Sharma who moved from Dubai to Oman a few years ago.
How did you get this project and how many days did you record?
After the release on my first original song Pasand Aaya, i got hands on experience with the industry and how it works. I learned lot of things. Seeing the current trend in the market I wanted to sing a party number. Luckily Music composer of my first song Bipin Das send me scratch of Glass Khaali and I loved it immediately and I felt connected. Then I spoke to my friend who was always keen in producing a music video, loved this song too. It clicked and we started working on it. Once the song was ready, it took a week’s time to prepare and record.
2. You just moved from Dubai to Oman – tell us about the music scene both places
Dubai is the hub for entertainment and have a very different taste. People from all parts of the world come there and hence the taste is mixed. But as we say, Bollywood music is something which is loved by all. So be it old songs, néw songs, party songs everything is trending there. It’s a super happening place. On the other side Muscat is quiet and serene. Mostly people here are into local music like Arabic. I shifted here in 2019 end and the world was hit by Corona and hence I couldn’t explore the market in Oman much. But yes I believe and hope that people also love Bollywood music here.
3. You have a background in classical music, what is your favourite Bollywood music genre?
Being a singer I try all the music genre but  my favorite Bollywood genre is romantic and peppy numbers.
4. What are your future projects
 Right now there are two more songs I am working on, both being romantic numbers written by famous Bollywood Lyricist. Looking forward for more opportunities after the release of my néw song Glass Khaali. 
5. Any concerts planned for 2022 and 2023.
 Not yet. Waiting for opportunities where I can perform my songs.
6. How is music as a career in the Middle East
 Middle East is a land of opportunities. For anyone who is focused and determined, there’s no looking back. I am sure I can be a torch bearer  for many singers who are keen to pursue their career in music.


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