Refashion your hoodies

Hoodies translate to comfort wear, but then who says that comfort wear can’t look stylish.
Here are 3 fun and unique ways to style up your plain old hoodies.

Comfort to Chic
Styling an outfit does seem like a task especially at times when all you want is to be comfortable. Here’s a hack, you can be comfortable and yet look on fleek. All you’ll need to achieve this look is your favourite hoodie and a plaid short skirt or even a tennis skirt. You can always make it look natty by adding on some gold jewellery and pair this look up with your preferred shoes.

The idea of your work outfits not being restful can be easily changed with this styling hack. Add a little warmth to you work wardrobe by styling it ,with a hoodie under your jacket other than a shirt or a t-shirt. Pair this look with some lucid studs, your ideal sunglasses and some classy heels. Voila! Business ready with a pinch of comfort.

Bougie yet on the go
Add some drama and edge to your hoodie inclusive outfits by switching out your sweats or leggings for a long skirt. Pair up this look with minimalistic jewellery and some black boots and turn your everyday unvaried outfits into something bougie and on the go.


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