Road Trips to try out in Dubai!

After being confined to indoors, UAE residents are now looking at exploring the outside world. Love road trips? Let’s make it happen during the upcoming Eid holidays. The vaccination spree has definitely boosted confidence in many to step out and make travel happen. Though air travel has opened up, many of us still prefer to be in our own safety bubble and go on a road trip instead. Here are few places you can check out for a scenic getaway!

1. Musandam
A 3.5 hours drive from Dubai, Musandam is Oman’s northernmost governorate. Enjoy a traditional dhow cruise to experience the scenery, the crystal clear waters and a swim along with the dolphins. You can pick the Khasab city as your base to explore the castles, village and other islands in the area. 

2. Liwa
Located in south-west of Abu Dhabi, Liwa is 330 km from Dubai by road. With palm tree oasis of Empty Quarter at the northern border to UAE’s tallest sand dune, this place is unaltered by humans and preserves its natural beauty.

3. Sir Bani Yas Island
A 4 hour drive from Dubai to this paradise in UAE. An escape from reality amidst nature and aqua waters. A beautiful mix of desert, beach and wildlife. With a range of adventure activities, this place fits perfectly for a family friendly vacay.

4. Kalba
A short 2 hour drive from Dubai, you reach the quaint fishing village of Kalba. A mangrove swamp famous for its creek stretch is home to sandy beaches and also known as kingdom of birds. With tented resorts and fun activities like kayaking and scuba diving, at Kalba you feel closer to nature. 

5. Snoopy Island
 A serene destination which is just a boat ride away from Fujairah. This little rocky island is known as the natural aquarium of UAE, a coveted spot for snorkeling, swimming and other water-sports. It also has a few resorts around to spend the day away from the city.

Pack your bags and head out to one of these off-beat destinations for a great summer holiday!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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