South star Digangana Suryavanshi makes short film debut; thrilled with response

FryDay actress Digangana Suryavanshi recently made her acting debut in the short film segment. But what makes this debut special is that the short film has been conceptualised and written by Digangana too. It’s during the lockdown that the South star created this thought-provoking short film in an attempt to break the stigma around mental health. And the actress is thrilled with the positive response her attempt is garnering.

In the film, the Hippi star exhibits all the stages of depression through her emotions, in just one shot! The multi-talented actress has also written a poetry that’s perfectly synced with the film. Check out the short film right here:

The actress has always called for a need to educate the masses about mental health and in turn bring about a change in the society’s perception towards people suffering from mental conflicts. Talking about it, Digangana says, “Nobody should be guilty of suffering from depression, but I don’t agree that there is no solution to it and that one has to live with it or struggle with it all their life! That’s exactly why I thought of making this short film.”

The actress adds, “I feel that depression as a conversation or subject is vast but the solutions are always simple. As simple as the joy kids have in little things; and as adults, we lose that joy even in the bigger things. But is depression really so powerful that it can shift one to the back seat of their own car and drive them to places they wouldn’t want to be at? I know that none of us choose to feel that way, but it starts to happen, and my empathy is with everyone who’s fighting any battle in their head, it’s the hardest as nobody else ever gets to know what it really feels like!”



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