Step through Summer in style with this best-for-your-feet footwear guide

Flats, wedges, heels, flip flops, tennis shoes- footwear choices for summer are endless. Summertime foot fashion is definitely fun; however, it is not always functional for your posture, spine, legs, or feet. So, what’s the ideal pair if you wish to keep your feet healthy and happy throughout summer. Here’s your guide to summer footwear.

What’s the best type of shoe for my feet?

We all have different postures, movement habits, body shapes, and foot types. Hence, you need to do a bit of trial and error to figure out what’s most comfortable for your feet.

Don’t wear one sole for too long and mix them up frequently

Certain summer styles might not be the best choice for foot health but you can reduce their impact by choosing to wear them occasionally.

Flip flops are ideal for a short stroll

Flip flops have the tendency to aggravate foot problems. However, they are ideal for a short walk. Choosing flip flops with think bottoms or padding can cushion the ball of your foot. Also, flip flops with arch support could serve the purpose.

Use insoles for your flats

Flats generally go with everything. Always choose flats with arch support and cushioning on the bottom or space for an insole.

Adjust those high-heels heights

Heels tend to shift your body weight forward and can lead to pain in your lower back as your hip and spine muscles adjust. The extra pressure on your knees can develop arthritis. It is always advisable to adjust and mix up your heel heights.


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