Mother’s Day: Here are 3 ways to celebrate it virtually with your mum

Mothers are irreplaceable, and if you live away from your mom, chances are you miss her now, more than ever. From giving you a shoulder to cry on to celebrating your achievements, mothers have always got your back.

Here are some ways to indulge in some mom and you time today!

Watch a movie together
Who said you can’t watch movies together while living in different places? Make use of the Party feature on streaming platforms and watch a movie with your mom. Here are some recommendations; Lion, Freaky Friday, Mamma Mia, Badhaai Ho, etc.

Digitize her recipes into a cookbook
Turn your mom’s favorite and family recipes into a digital version. Make it fun and cheery with colors and email it to her. Or print it out and courier it to her!

An E-card
Even a little card does wonder if you want to make your mom feel special. Pro-tip, fill it with pictures of the two of you over the years, it’s sure to make her feel happy! Or if you’re good with words, try penning a poem about your love for her.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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