Sufiyum Sujathayum – Movie Review

This is an out and out Aditi Rai Hydari film. Set in rural Kerala, the aesthetically shot film centers around the love story of Sufi, a practicing Sufi boy played by the handsome Dev Mohan and Sujatha played by Aditi, a speech impaired dancer. The film begins with the death of Sufi and the whole story is in flashback mode. Sujatha, though married, is drawn towards Sufi who is a master of all arts and tugs at the soul of everyone around – his call to prayer mesmerises the village and swirls in prayer like a dervish.

Aditi though can’t speak, emotes with her eyes as she cycles around the village in her half sari, feeds her birds, basks in the spirit of Sufi adding her dance to it, learning from him. As he twirls like the twirling dervish, she watches mesmerized while keeping his tazbih or rosary – his rooh . Actor Jayasurya plays Aditi’s long-suffering husband in the film directed by Naranipuzha Shanavas. Actor Siddique plays Aditi’s paan chewing dad and excels in his role. The film is short aesthetically but somehow, though the Sufi songs in the film are beautiful, they don’t gel with the fabric of the film.

The love jihad mention in the film doesn’t add to the story of the film as well. Malayalam cinema dipped in Sufism isn’t a regular feature unlike Bollywood which courts it with greater flourish. The film creates a lot of atmosphere of spiritual love that goes beyond the grave but isn’t tragic enough to leave an imprint.

2/5 Stars.


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