The art of maintaining your eyebrows!

It’s not just an eyebrow, it’s a masterpiece!

For those who didn’t realize yet how important are the eyebrows, this article is for you! Did you notice how the shape of the eyebrows can affect on the way you look and the way your makeup will look as well! If you don’t have an eyebrow daily routine care, here’s one for you!


  • Brush your eyebrows

Easy and simple steps but the results are quite impressive! Use the small eyebrows brushes to stimulate the hair growth, and give them a neat look.


  • Keep it natural

Plucking is a big no! Always get a professional to clean your eyebrows from unwanted hair. Remember that natural eyebrows always win!



  • Massage and brush


Using Castor oil, massage your eyebrows for a better hair grow and don’t forget to brush them to make sure that the oil has reached the eyebrow evenly.


  • Moisturize


Moisturizing is an essential step in any care routine. Aloe Vera is the perfect choice for your eyebrows as it moisturizes and soothes any irritation.


  • Eyebrow growth serum


Use an eyebrow growth serum instead of a regular makeup brow gel when you go out.





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