The beginner’s guide to building a minimalist wardrobe

The new year has brought about an annual cleaning process, the allure of a clean space resulting in a clear mind ringing in our heads. For those, who want to simplify their lives, we suggest building a minimalist wardrobe.

The term ‘minimal’ can often seem daunting, but in the fashion sphere, it simply refers to a style that is only more tailored and appealing It isn’t about deprivation, about ridding yourself of the excess for the essentials.

All you have to is filter your closet. Like solid neutral colors? Remove everything pink and yellow. The key to building a minimalist wardrobe is simple- decluttering. Clear out everything you don’t see yourself wearing anytime soon or doesn’t spark joy. The result is a streamlined, conscious, and high utility wardrobe.

Here’s how to Marie Kondo your wardrobe:


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The first step is to indulge in the process of creating landfills of clothes all over your room. Once that’s done, separate your clothes into sections: the clothes you will wear, donate, and like to discard or sell.

Discover your style

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Everyone has their own personal style; your clothes may reveal it or you may want to pursue a new personal style. Either way, keep pieces that adhere to your specific style. If black and red reigns your wardrobe, that’s your signature style.

Shop New

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We suggest thrifting or shopping vintage deter costs. However, ethical brands are great places to find key minimal pieces.

Build a capsule collection

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A capsule collection comprises of the essentials, your essentials. The eight to ten key pieces help you form a myriad of outfits. With the key pieces in place, you can mix and match to create outfits with ease, always knowing you’re going to look tailored and put together.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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