The best fringe for your face shape

Getting fringes might be one of the major decisions you make in your life, after all drastically altering your hair without the potential for reversal is an extremely bold move. So before you take the plunge, here’s the perfect fringe for your face shape.


A straight fringe on a round face will accentuate the fullness in your cheeks, instead opt for a long side fringe. It’s the most flattering and adds the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face.


Try a side sweeping and layered fringe that will draw attention to accentuate the eyes and balance the face.


Avoid fringes that cut above the eyebrows, and opt for a long layered fringe that works to soften the jawline.


Since the cheekbones are the widest area of this face shape, it’s best to steer clear of a middle-parted fringe. Choose a straight-across fringe or a long side-swept fringe to soften your angles.


Oval-shaped faces have won the lottery! Every fringe style looks from micro fringes to the 70s style fringes looks great. Simply take your pick!

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)

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