The cool girl’s guide to styling scarves in 2021

Scarves don’t get enough credit; the perfect print or texture can spruce up your ensemble while still being perfectly functional. Brands like Versace have their flagship printed scarves everywhere, and for a good reason too. They’re multipurpose, you can turn them into an asymmetrical crop top or tie your hair back. So here’s how to style them in 2021:

Turn it into a necktie

Spice up a simple suit with a strong splash of color to turn heads.

Spruce up a boring shirt


There are a hundred ways to this, but creating faux corset tops cinches in the waist giving you an interesting silhouette.

The bandeau top


Simple, easy and so very chic!


Handbag accessory

Make your usual go-to handbag luxe by simply knotting a scarf into the handle or weave it into the chain.

The Hairband

Wear it as a headband to accentuate that bob you just got, or braid it into those long locks, or feel like a biker chick with a headscarf, the options are endless. Your hair doesn’t just have to be up in a bun all the time! You’ve got options!

Around the ankles

Wrap them around your ankles to draw attention to those cute thong sandals you just bought.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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