Vivek Dahiya reveals secret to his happily married life with Divyanka Tripathi!

Divyanka Tripathi and hubby Vivek Dahiya are easily one of the most-celebrated couples of the television industry. The popular stars – who tied the knot in 2016 – often treat their fans with their cutesy posts on social media as well. Right from their travels photographs to their fun culinary experiments in the kitchen and even some of their workout videos – this very-much-in-love couple, makes sure to share some of their happiest moments with the fans. So, when we caught up with Vivek recently, we asked him the secret to his happily married life and the actor shared that it’s the little things that actually matter.

Talking about it, the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor confessed that earlier he used to be wary of marriage. “I mean I’d often heard people complain about how things get after marriage, especially that men always end up apologising and wives being too demanding or couples being unreasonable. It’s not to insult anyone, but that was my idea of marriage and I was sort of commitment phobic because of that,” reveals Vivek. However, he points out that Divyanka changed his complete outlook on marriage. “Divyanka is simply the most amazing woman, she’s practical, very sorted, easy-going and just the person I want to grow old with.”

As for what’s the most romantic thing Divyanka’s done for him, Vivek says, “It’s not about the big things, it’s about a lot of small things that she does for me. Divyanka leaves these small notes around the house and I suddenly find them tucked in corners or couch. She leaves these notes that you are not expecting. You might be having a stressful day and suddenly you see this note and it brings a cheer and a smile to your face and that’s what she does.” And even as we are talking, Vivek holds out a box of biscuits that he’s just received from Divyanka that reads: “Thank you for appreciating me so much, you should write because you express so well.” Vivek adds, “See that’s what I mean. I, on the other hand play pranks like emptying out her favourite cereal box and leaving a note instead, teasing her saying ‘better luck next time’ or something like that. I really believe that it’s these small things that keep things exciting between two people.”


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