Wake Up Call by Hanan Yehia

Just like we adults hate to be disturbed while watching a video or chatting, it is the same for a child – but things get excessive most of the time. Hanan Yehia Mulazem speaks to film maker Zenofar Fathima about her film The Peril that deals with this technological invasion. But first, we started with her insight into Bollywood and about the new Indian movies in Dubai cinemas.

From Bollywood you worked with Mukul Dev, is there any plans for other Bollywood actors?

Actually, we are looking for more Malaysian and Emirati actors. We are working on a series, Mukul Dev and I will join too. It will be a series about a story, actually a normal story, I mean that it’s far from society problems. It’s just a normal story.

What is your favorite Bollywood film?

The film that I really love to watch, is Pink for the great actor Amitabh Bachchan. I liked the message that through this film you will get. Which is if the girl says NO it’s NO and there is no other meaning for that.

As a woman, have you faced any challenges in the film industry?

Yes, of course. Actually, nowadays no one is ready to help. It’s really hard to find people who would like and ready to support and help you. Especially if you are new in Bollywood or Pakistani film industry. It’s not that much challenges that I faced. But this pushed me to do everything by myself and to not wait for help. And there is a message that I want to send from this interview, that if anyone will come to me asking for help or support I will not do as what some did to me.

What is your suggestion to encourage our kids to play real toys rather than tech toys?

There are the Lego toys. It will help the child to think, and build his brain. And there are the puzzles which they can play it indoors. Or watch cartoons on TV instead of watching it on iPads. TV is much secured than the iPad. Even kids are covering themselves under the blanket and watch their iPads and in this situation, their eyes will get destroyed. We need to start saying NO to this.

The trolleys in malls have a special place for the iPads, how do you see this?

It’s BAD! We need to keep our children away from the technology as much as we can, they need to interact and communicate with people. If they are holding their iPads how they will get a connection with their surroundings. This is effecting on their communication skills, with the days. Kids are losing their communication skills and they are getting more violent.

What is your advice?

Limit their time using the iPads and internet. Check what they are watching, what type of games they are playing. Kids have no privacy, but you need to explain this to them in a way that they will understand and appreciate. Also, parents should check themselves as well. They need to limit their time using the technology. The child will copy his parents’ attitude.




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