3 Must have lipstick shades for your festive season!

Lipsticks have always been an exceptionally important aspect to completing a makeup look.

Here are 3 must have lipstick shades for you to match your festivities with.

1. Bold maroons

If you’re looking for a bolder impact to match your subtle makeup look and to add some spice plus color to your ensemble then this lipstick shade is the one for you. Using maroons or rather hues of maroons work best with festive attire as it adds a sense of fierceness and panache to your outfit. Therefore, if you’re looking to go bolder with your lipstick choices maroons might be just what you’re looking for.

2. Classic pinks

Another must haves when it comes to your festive lipstick collection is of course the classic pinks. Adding a modest bit of color to your subtle festive look works perfectly if you’re a minimalistic believer. Tones of pink work graciously with every festive outfit on the horizon and is definitely the apt choice for a minimalistic lover.

3. Evergreen nudes

Last but not the least, nudes! If your someone who thrives on a heavy eye makeup look for festivals then pairing it up with a nude lipstick will work ideally for you to balance out your makeup look and will leave you feeling flawless and ready to get on with your festive spirits.

Use these tips to pair the ideal lipstick shade you need for your festive makeup look as well as ensemble.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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