3 steps to get rid of the ingrown hair forever!

Let’s get that silk-smooth skin this summer!  

Whether you wax, shave or pluck the unwanted hair, you might face ingrown hair that makes your skin doesn’t look really smooth. Check out these steps that will help you reduce the appearance of ingrown hair.


How does it happen?

Ingrown hair happens when the removed hair grows again underneath the skin surface. For instance, when you shave, the shortened hair might curl and grow back under the skin. When the hair grows back underneath the skin, the body considers it as a foreign object. Because of that, symptoms such as pain, itching, redness, and swelling start to appear.


How to solve it?

There are several methods to use in order to reduce and get rid of ingrown hair. Try the following:


  • Stop removing the hair for a while

Stop shaving, waxing, or plucking the hair for a while, and give that area a break until the hair grows back towards the surface on its own.

  • Rub or apply a warm compress

Apply warm compresses on the area that suffers from ingrown hair or use a wet washcloth, rub the area in a circular motion.\

  • Scrub

Gently, scrub and exfoliate around the area of the ingrown hair, to help the hair return to the surface of the skin.


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