4 Skincare myths that are trending!

We should think twice before following any skincare trend!


Social media platforms could be fun, useful, and sometimes a way to deliver wrong facts that might look true for the first moment because of the views. However, we did the research on behalf of you, and in case you saw these trends on your FYP or news feed. Avoid them!


1st myth

Use sunscreen as a contour

Looks like a nice idea, right? However, it’s not! if you use the sunscreen as a contour, it means that you are providing the needed protection for some areas of the face, while you are keeping the rest exposed to the sun. The main purpose of sunscreens is to protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun, by applying an equal amount on the whole face.


2nd myth

Certain products give you results overnight.


Actually, we wish such products exist, but they don’t currently. The key to getting anything in life, including healthy skin, is consistency. You might find the results after following the right skincare routine for your skin type after three weeks and sometimes, it might take a little bit longer! Patience and consistency are the best combinations for the best results.


3rd myth

Using coffee grounds as a facial scrub

Remember that not every natural ingredient is right for your skin. You can use the coffee grounds for your body, but not for your face. The coffee grounds are large in size, which might cause micro-tears in the skin.


4th myth

Fragrances are bad for skin


The most known information about fragrances is that they cause irritations and rushes, Scientifically, it’s proved that fragrances impact only 2% to 4% of the population. Otherwise, people can use them as a matter of personal preference.


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