5 Home remedies for healthy hair

Why do we often skip the fact that our hair is as sensitive as our skin and requires our loving attention? We are ready to invest in hair care plans and products that most likely are quite a big ticket and not all of us wish to spend those biggies. Making the most of what nature has to offer, that’s available in our kitchen is a feasible long-term approach. Here are some remedies and combinations for you to try at home!

1. Rice Water
No remedy be it home made or store bought can grow your hair magically. It’s all a process that you need to follow at least for a month for results. The starchy water that is left over after rice is soaked for 24 hours is the easiest home fix for your lusterless and weak hair giving it adequate minerals.

2. Onion Juice
An inarguably efficient substance to boost hair growth, feeding it with necessary nutrients and nourishing the hair follicles. Likely to trigger your nose buds but all is worth it for that thick healthy hair.

3. Egg mask
The golden therapy, eggs are the best home remedy for hair loss. Well, mostly true! Eggs contain proteins which strengthen and heal the brittle strands. They can be used with a combination of natural items like olive oil, honey or even lemon juice to reduce that odor.

4. Castor Oil Treatment
Castor oils have existed long before any of the fancy haircare products came into existence. A hot oil treatment by massaging the oil into the scalp causes smooth blood circulation which in return results in hair growth. Apply it on your scalp, massage gently especially the tips of your hair causing the split ends to disappear.

5. Cinnamon Mask
The cinnamon powder resting in your kitchen not just tastes good in that chia pudding but also has antibacterial properties that can stimulate blood circulation in your hair. Those who cant stand the strong odor of other remedies can try this delicious mask mixed with equal portion of coconut oil. Apply it for an hour before rinsing it off.

Let’s pledge together to give our hair the attention it deserves!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)

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