5 Outfits you must have in your workplace wardrobe!

As the pandemic slowly wears down, workplaces are starting to open up. That means parting away from your comfort pjs. In that case, let’s see what to shop for. Here’s A list of five workplace outfits you should definitely invest in.

Pant Suits
It’s an ensemble of a blazer jacket, slacks and dress shirts. This outfit is always A power move.

Skirt Suits
As the name suggest, this outfit consists of skirts, mainly pencil paired with A blouse and A blazer.

Sheath Dress
This one’s A semi formal dress, paired with minimal accessories. It is usually the best outfit for business dinners and meetings.

Also called dress shirts, these come in different styles like sheer or button up. These always make a statement when paired with trousers.

Pencil Dress
Much like pencil skirt, this dress is A bodycon. One can never go wrong with a pencil dress!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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